It is rare to find a designer who is willing to look past the preconceptions of the industry and explore new ideas that will not only stand out but reflect a passion for world around them, but Rebecca Forster more than fits that profile.


After doing a HND in Design and Craft at Stafford College Rebecca joined Wolverhampton University’s BAHons Fashion Accessories course and graduated with a first. She has now branched out into areas of production and photography.

After gaining industrial experience which included sourcing, manufacturing and organisation of photo shoots and video shoots, Rebecca gained a determined to make the most of the knowledge she had learnt.


For her final collection Rebecca concentrated on her passion for everything Japanese and looked at the art of origami to creat a collection which can be altered by the wearer and given a structured appearance to all of her outfits. Her own placement prints adorn the outfits and seem to leap off them, bringing us a taste and flavour of the Japan she visited a few years ago.

She is a passionate and creative designer who is looking for her next challenge.